Thursday, 11 April 2013

ஐ-- Baie Sainte-Paul, Charlevoix --ஐ

Trip to Baie Sainte-Paul on Easter's holiday..about 4hrs drive from Montreal..Escape from the hustle and bustle Montreal, this place is relaxing with view of countryside..totally different from for leisure..nothing much to do here..just enjoyed the beautiful nature along the St. Lawrance and the cute small shops at Rue Jean Baptiste..

"...Baie-Sainte-Paul is a city in the Province of Quebec, Canada, 
on the northern shore of the Saint Lawrence River. 
Baie-Saint-Paul is the seat of Charlevoix Regional County Municipality. 
The city is situated at the mouth of the Gouffre River. It is known for its art galleries, shops and restaurants.."

rest n relax...mcm RnR la..hehe

dh nak smpai!! :)

arrived..overnight kt auberge ni..


..sunrise..time ni br 6.20am..

..rise n shine.. =) Quai le Baie St-Paul..amik angin pagi mengadap St.Lawrance even though time ni -1'c(sejuk tp tahan sbb nk capture scene sunrise..hehe)..

..Rue Jean Baptiste..a heritage town with over 85 century-old homes..

..pusing2 Baie Sainte-Paul

..Baie Sainte-Paul view from top..

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  1. Cantiknya tempat ni...yeayyyy!!blh main snow lagi :)