Thursday, 23 May 2013

εїз︷✿festival Canadien des Tulipes✿︷εїз

It's been a while i'm not writing/post anything here until i got a notification about blog suspension warning. Padan muka aku!😁
So, in the middle of night here, i'm trying my best to conteng2 this blog. Hopefully! 
Oohhh... pls give me a strength!!

Actually post ini dh lama bersarang dalam draft, last spring. Now ni dah summer pun.huhu..
SPRING..ataupun musim bunga.i think mostly ladies mesti suka musim ni. There been variety of flowers that blooms during these season. But that caught my attention is the TULIP. Tambahan pula di Canada ada menganjurkan festival tahunan for Tulip. Seeing the flowers, in diff colors feel beauty,tenang.Happy maybe. Indahnya musim bunga.  😊☺

         ~flower blooming...fragrant, pollen, filling the air with strange and wonderful sweetness~